The Danberrys

'I can’t get up there and sing something that doesn’t move me,' says Dorothy Daniel, the tambourine-shaking, stargazing, breezy voiced front woman that makes up half of The Danberrys. Hailing from the surrounds of Nashville TN, Dorothy and husband Ben DeBerry (guitar/vocals) come together to create a unique entwining of styles. Acoustically driven, their sound spirals through bluegrass with the backbeat of funk, the patient lope of blues, and glimpses of pop.


The Danberrys sing songs rich in pastoral imagery, about overcoming demons, being washed clean and starting anew, and love in its many forms. In conversation with both Ben and Dorothy, spirituality, and the concept of blooming into the full power of your brain and heart are topics that often surface, naturally suffusing into their lyrics with clever subtlety - more hinting than hollering.


Live, Dorothy is a fiend for the tambourine: ‘I locked myself in our music room for hours’ she says, describing her honing of the much overlooked instrument. Learning to play, she would follow the band Blue Mother Tupelo from gig to gig, gleaning techniques from Indianola-born Micol Davis and recordings of Dr John, the Meters, and Alan Toussaint.


Having embraced bluegrass in 2008 at The 5 Spot (bar in East Nashville) weekly bluegrass jam, Ben’s acoustic guitar playing is a lynchpin in the Danberrys sound. His solid playing and grasp of theory leads to interesting harmonic shifts - letting their music straddle and dip into the crannies between genres.



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